Cute and Simple: Summertime Buckets

It’s summertime and why not celebrate with a cute goody pail?!  I put these fun beach buckets together for my girls to tote along Michigan’s beaches.  Simple, cute and low-cost…you can make one, too.  Here’s how:

  • Sand bucket ($1 at Michaels Stores)
  • Foamie visor (also a $1) that I let the girls stick their own names on with letters we already had.  Call it an exercise in phonological awareness for added educational value! 
  • Stuff the bucket with trinkets you know your kids will like…I filled mine with cute $1 finds from Michaels (see a theme here?)  like mini compasses, stickers, and markers.  I threw in a couple packages of fruit snacks, too.
  • While I was at it, I picked up some adorable iron-on embroidered appliques and attached them to their plain white terrycloth cover-ups (purchased at Target for $10). 
  • These are summertime essentials they’ll need anyway, so why no present it to them in a fun package? 

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