Apraxia Monday: Summer Solstice

Happy first official day of Summer!  Yep, it’s the longest day of the year–literally and maybe even figuritively.  Are you fed up already having your little ones out of school and groaning, “Mooomm….I’m bored.”  Well, maybe not yet… or maybe your kid’s vocabulary hasn’t expanded enough to include all of those words, but believe me, I bet they are thinking it. 

The key, of coure is to keep them and you engaged as you move through the months of summer vacation.  Many families choose to take a “summer holiday” from speech.  What’s your view?  are you continuing with speech therapy sessions or have you put them on the back burner till summer is over and the school year starts back up?  There are pros and cons to this approach. 


  • Kids have the opportunity to “just be kids”
  • No stopping the action at the pool to go to speech
  • A break can be rewarding, encouraging, and motivating
  • Overtaxed kids (and parents) can “let down”
  • Less structure to the days/weeks so we can finally do what we’d like to do (which,let’s face it– is not always speech)


  • Kids “forget” (regress) in some of their skills
  • Hard to get started again in the fall after a break
  • Parents may become frustrated if child’s intelligibililty becomes less than it was before
  • Less structure to the days/weeks (no standing appointment for speech…how to fill the time??)
  • Kids lose out on that 1:1 instruction that is so important for school success (unless of course, you are working with them at home on similar concepts)

The decision is yours to make and I am sure you’ll do what’s best for you and your family.  Remember, kids with CAS are recommended by the ASHA to have frequent and intense therapy until they reach “age appropriate” speech milestones. 

As for us, we have decided to continue with speech through the summer.  Our reasoning: we want Kate to have every advantage before she reaches full-day kindergarten this fall.  She is working on sequening, following 3-step directions, description and detail vocabulary, handwriting concepets, and retelling stories. 

For us, Monday is therapy day–two full hours of OT and ST.  Wow–it sounds like a lot, I know.  So far, cramming both therapies into the same day has gone over swimmingly.  Since Kate loves OT so we saved that for last, sort of  a reward for getting through all of her speech work–which is tough.  And for me, well I get 2 hours with just half the “kid load.”  Kelly and I run errands, have “dates” at Starbucks, read books, and on nice days head to the nearby park. 

Speaking of books, here’s one I just ordered for my girls on the Summer Solstice.  Look for it at your local library in “New Books” or on Amazon. 

Product Details Happy Summer!!!

***CAS Group now forming for fall***

If you, or someone else you know cares for a child with CAS, then you’ll want to sign up for a FREE, 5-week, interactive “class” on apraxia.  We’ll cover topics such as 1) your CAS story 2) how life has changed since your child was diagnosed 3) Defining what CAS is and is not 4) How to cope/how to help your child and 5) Networking/resources, plus lots more.  Your child may not be officially diagnoesed yet, and that’s okay!  Your child may have other concerns, as well.  That’s okay, too.  Just come.  Learn.  Meet friends.  Be supported.  Email me at leslie_lindsay@hotmail.com  for more information or to put your name on the list. 

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