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Cute & Simple: Sunflowers

There is something so intriguing about sunflowers.  If their sheer height isn’t enough to make you feel intrigued, then I guess it would have to be the large -as-a-dinner-plate blooms or the way they tilt ever so slightly towards the sun. 

But the thing is this: I’ve never been hot for sunflowers, until recently that is.  Back in April, n Earth Day  Jim, Kate, Kelly, and a little neighborhood friend planted sunflower seeds in our backyard.  It was a bit of a science experiment.  Plant a seed, watch it grow.  I was good with that as a family activity.  But sunflowers are usually yellow and I’m just not a fan of yellow.  While it’s usually the color of sunshine and happiness, it just doesn’t work for me.  Plus, it doesn’t go with my interior decor and I’m a weird-o that way–I like for my flowers to match my house. 

Well, was I surprised to see these blooms open!  No longer are sunflowers just yellow.  They come in a whole host of other colors as well–earth-toned colors!  I was in heaven.  Last evening, I asked Jim to run out back and cut some blooms off of the gigantic stalk that towers over my dear honey.  He did.  I popped ’em in an old canning jar and—viola—a bouquet that matches my decor!  Kate suggested we add a yellow ribbon (from the new soap dispenser I had just purchased–thanks for being resourceful, Kate!) and now we have a touch of sunshine inside. 

Sunflowers are some of the longest-lasting cut blooms

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