Just 4 Moms on Wednesday: 7 News Things

I heard once that in order to be an “interesting person,” one should try doing 7 new things a week.  Seven!  That sure sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?  It’s not really as hard as it seems.  Seven new things a week doesn’t necessarily mean jetting off to the Bahamas or penning that book you’ve always wanted to write.  It does mean that you need to try doing something out of your comfort zone, if only slightly. 

Here’s an example:  Today, I took a detour home from the gym stopping by a friend’s house to hand-deliver a playdate invitation.  Oh, that just sounds new and different: a playdate invitation?!  That was hand-delievered, nontheless?!  But upon backing out of their driveway, I bumped their impossibly large and full recycling bin with the back of my van.  No damage was done.  But there was all kinds of stinky, sticky recyclables littering my friend’s street.  All thanks to me and my “7 new things.”  Being the good friend and neighbor, I dutifully picked them all up while little Kelly sat in the car, air conditioning running.   “What took you so long, mommy?” she asked as I hopped back into the driver’s seat and searched around for the yummy smelling raspberry hand-sanitizer.  Sigh…

You see, the detour to the friend’s home was new thing #1, dumping over their recycling bin was new thing #2.  What did I learn: they drink a lot of beer and milk and someone in the family wears Luvs.  I’m guessing it’s not the person who also drinks beer.  Let’s hope. 

Here are some other ideas to get you in the mood for “7 New Things”:

  • Shop at a different grocery store
  • Look up a new friend on Facebook
  • Drive home a different way
  • Eat at  a new place (or at least order something other than your ‘usual’)
  • Fill up at a different gas station
  • Go to Caribou instead of Starbucks
  • Exercise during your lunch break and then eat at your desk while get some work done
  • Wear your kids out instead of them wearing you out

I know, it’s hard to get out of a rut.  I know, you find comfort in routine.  I know. But when you try something novel, you become a better person.  You become someone a little more interesting.  You become a little more fresh.  And it only really equates to one new thing a day.  Plus, it’s just good for your brain cells. 

Just try not to sort through your neighbor’s trash–on purpose or accident.

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