On My Brain Today: Resale Shops

I have been doing it for years.  As a way to make extra cash as a teenager, I started taking my clothes to a resale shop.  Really–as a teenager.  Like most teenagers, I developed a major interest in clothing.  Name-brand clothing, that is.  When summer was coming to an end, I started thining about back-to-school shopping.  I couldn’t wait.  I would be chomping at the bit, begging  patiently waiting for my parents to take me to the mall on a major shopping spree.  I was just sure they would fork over the cash for Guess jeans with the zippered ankles, the OP shirts, and the Lacoste polos.  Sometimes they did.  Sometimes, I just got end-of-the year/clearance stuff from Abercromie and Fitch before they were cool. 

Until an older friend of mine suggested resale shops.  I would go through my closet–figure out what could go and then wash, iron and hang clothes to take into the shop.  I made some money that way.  Plus, I became a better consumer.  I learned where to shop for cute things that were similar enough to the “real deal” or look for sales. 

As a mom, it’s no surprise that I still do the same for my kids.  Granted, the process is a lot trickier now.  I have two girls close in age, which means there are lots of hand-me-downs to be had.  Provided of course, they are in season for the size, not stained, and not too junky.  I thought it would be easy–two girls–my younger would just wear what older sister grew out of.  Except all of the grown out fall stuff is a size too small because their birthdays/sizes don’t fall within the same season.  Sigh…you’d think Mother Nature and I could have planned that better, huh? 

The thing is, you’ve gotta have a system.  As I have started receiving the fall catalogs for adorable back-to-school ensembles, I realized it was time to enact the system. 

  • One of my girls’ closets has those plastic drawer deals from the home organizing aisle at….Target!!  I label the drawers with the season and size…”Fall 3T” and any out-grown “acceptable” clothing from big sis goes right in the drawer.
  • In another room in our house (let’s call it the “guest” junk room), I have another bin for the resale store.  When my youngest outgrows something, it goes right in that bin.  Provided, of course its in pristine resale shop worthy condition (these places are picky!)
  • Then I go through the pile of stuff from the junk guest room, sort them into “fall” and “winter” (they take “holiday” in October) and get it in to the store. 
  • If you’re lucky, you may make a little money (an extra $50-100) to take along on your kids’ back-to-school shopping spree…which, is right around the corner! 

Other ideas:

  • Have an annual end-of-summer swap  out with your friends who have kids of the same age/sex.  Make it a mom’s night out–have snacks, a few adult beverages, and trade articles of clothing.
  • Pile it all up, take a picture (for tax records), bag it and donate to a women’s shelter, Good Will, or other charitable place.  Be sure you ask for a receipt. 
  • Have a garage sale…tips on that coming in tomorrow’s “Cute & Simple” post, stay tuned! 

One thought on “On My Brain Today: Resale Shops

  1. Oooh, Oooh, I do gymbo and gap buying.
    then i sell for what i bought it for usually or just under!

    Pictures of your kids in the clothes HELP the ebay auctions. I also sell with MADE TO MATCH BOWS 🙂

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