In My Brain Today: Obsessions

I  never thought I was an obsessive-type person.  Until I had kids.  It’s not that I am a nervous Nilly or Worry Wart, it’s just that when you have so little “free” time  to get things done, you have to become sort of a one-track mind, hence the obsession. 

Since back-to-school time is right around the corner, I have taken it upon myself to get these kiddos ready.  I don’t want to leave it to my husband to dress them.  They’d be wearing overalls and fleece everyday.  And you know, you gotta get to the kid stores early in the season, or all of the fall stuff will be the wrong size,picked over, or just gone.  And then of course, the holiday -themed wardrobe starts making it’s debut in early October.  You gotta play the merchandising game or you get it all wrong. 

So, I go–alone.  While the girls are at the last day of summer day camp (a whole 3 hours).  I get cute stuff.  I hold it up to them in the van at pick-up time.  Holy cow!  These are size 3T?!  You’ve gotta be kidding–I could fit my grown body into that!  And then it dawns on me that I should have picked up dark brown cords in size 5/6 as well as 3T.  I need a white long-sleeved tee to go under that cute short-sleeved Hello Kitty tee once it gets cold….agghhhh!  And then I obsess.  I need to get back to the mall!  I need to go now.  But the girls are pooped from camp and my little one actually wants to nap. 

I am usually thrilled when nap time rolls around.  But today, well today I just want to get this “project” done and behind me because tomorrow will bring a whole new set of kid-related care and obsession. 

And that is what is in my brain today, Thursday August 5th 2010.

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