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In My Brain Today: Basset Bliss

Yesterday we were able to go to the elementary school where my Kate will be in full-day Kindergarten.  We walked around the building, checked out the library, art, music, and P.E. rooms.  Great school.  We got to take a peek at class lists and look into the “in progress” classrooms.

Just when I thought we were ready to head out for the evening, something caught my eye: “Basset Hound Puppies for Sale!”  It was as if the home-generated flier was a marquee with flashing lights.  Suddenly, I didn’t care if my first born was headed off to full-day Kindergarten or who her teacher was…this was the “sign” I had been hoping and praying for since I was like…humm….8 years old!

I slipped the flier under my husband’s nose, “Oh my…get a look at this,” I whispered in excitement, not wanting the girls to know what I was up to.  He flinched and quickly turned the flier over so only the back was showing.  He does not like the low-slung jowly hounds like I do. 

The woman manning the table where the flier was spoke up, “I have two of them.  They are fantastic pets.  We couldn’t live without them.”  Jim politely rolled his eyes and let me do the talking gushing.  Contrary to popular belief, she assured me that the don’t stink any worse than any other ungroomed dog, and the drooling really isn’t a problem (hers don’t do it).  I thanked her for her thoughts and walked out of the school gleeful.  “I don’t want to hear about it, hon.”  He told me.

Well, I called the number on the flier.  A man answered and I told him about my love for the breed.  He told me to come on over.  After yoga (couldn’t get into the “zen moment” because I had pups on the brain), I made my way to “433 Basset Bliss.”  (no, not their real address).  I knew I was at the right place when I saw mama dog and eight–yes eight–adorble floppy-eared pups running and frolicking in the grass on a late summer’s eve.  I promptly sat down on the grass and was suddenly covered with eager little pups.  Could this be heaven?!  (No, that was the other day when I was sniffing vinyl back-to-school supplies!)  Okay, add that to the dogs, plus a yummy coffee drink, a good book, a fire, my honey, and  my girls and yes, that would be heaven.  And Italy.  Gotta have Italy, too.

I digress.  Back to the dogs.  Loved them.  Loved every minute of being there.   The mosquito bites I obtained are a gentle reminder of the fun I had.

When I got home, Jim said, “Where’ve you been?  You smell like a dog.”  Always the way a wife wants to be greeted after absence from her beloved, don’t you think?  I told him every last detail.  He started asking questions–like real questions–“When are they available?  How much do they cost?  Wonder what we’d name one?  And you know, I don’t want poop in the yard!”  Yeah, yeah, me neither.  When I told him that a dog like this would help the garden by keeping bunnies away, he totally perked up.  Hummm…

Even if it is a bust, I still think it was a good adventure–afterall the “Human Mom” of these dogs is Kate’s school secretary See…I was networking! 

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