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Cute & Simple: Host a Back-to-School Party

It’s the end of summer.  Which means several things: cranky and bored kids, a last minute vacation, back-to-school prep….okay, that all goes without saying.  It also means that it is time for a last-minute party! 

Why not end the summer and start the school off right with a celebration?  It’s a great way to ease into at the routine and structure of the school year and remember the carefree days of the summer. 

Pick a theme and stick with it for your party.  My personal favorite is: “The Dog Days of Summer.”  Everything can be related to dogs–decor, games, favors, everything!  Even better if you are getting a dog that you can introduce to the gang (and no, we decided to hold off on the Basset for now).  So, our theme is something I love as equally as floppy dogs: ice cream! 

I made our invitations out of random supplies we had around the house: ribbon, foamie paper, pom poms, and ice cream cone paper wraps.  Using the computer, I printed out the party specifics, printed them out, trimmed to fit and popped ’em a cello treat bag.  Too cute!  I had a blast.  Not only that, but I actually made my own Shrinky-Dinks, punching a hole in top and calling it a “charm” for little girls to make their own necklace to wear to the party. 

Get creative and think of fun word-play when you make up these invites….”Doggone it…summer’s almost over but we’re still wagging our tails…follow the scent to…” 

Consider hosting this party once you know the names of some of the kids in your child’s new class.  Get to know them and their parents.  Have a few activities planned and some time for the kids to socialize.  Keep the food simple.  Take lots of photos, and give each child a small parting gift like a cute pencil or eraser. 

Your kids will love it and you probably will, too.  Who knows, it may just become a back-to-school tradition! 

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