In My Brain Today: Life is so, so precious

I hesitate in blogging about something that has made me feel sad.  Afterall, I want these blogs to be up-beat, helpful, and something you all can relate to.  What I want to share today is not up-beat nor helpful.  But I know, in some way you will be able to relate, especially if you are a mother. 

An “early” mom-friend of mine passed away this week, Tuesday August 17th to be exact.  She and I met as brand-new mommies back in Northfield, MN.  Together with a couple of other newbies to the Club of Motherhood, we would tuck our babies into the Baby Bjorn and walk through fall-foliaged trails and chat about spit-up, sleep schedules, the loss of “me” time and other new-mom dilemmas.  We’d meet up for pizza and Coke–with babies in their “buckets” and chat about our loss of careers.  We took our babies to the Winter Walk downtown and window shopped and had them sit on Santa’s lap for the first time.  We met at the pool in the summertime with babes on hips–and some of us with new babes growing in our tummies (okay, not the real anatomical place, but you know…). 

We moved away and have since had sporadic contact.  But from time to time, I would think of this woman and wonder how she was, or remember something she had said, or loved to do–yoga and riding horses, to name a couple.

On the way home, after dropping her son off at nature camp, my “old” mom-friend passed away.  She was involved in a single car accident in which she probably overcorrected her steering.  It was a fluke.  It was a shock.  It shook me all day. 

And so my friends, it’s a gentle reminder of just how very precious life is.  We never know when our time is.  We don’t always know what we can do to prevent it.  We just don’t know…

Of course this makes me think about my own children and my relationship to them.  If I were to die today, would they know how much they are loved?  Would they know how proud I am of them?  Would they know how I look when I am happy?  Would they remember?  Yes, I believe they would.

Michelle, you and your family are in my heart and mind.  May peace be with you.

2 thoughts on “In My Brain Today: Life is so, so precious

  1. Leslie, I don’t know you, but I knew Michelle. Thank you for posting the link to your blog, your article is right on the mark, and so gently shared.

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