Just 4 Moms on Wednesday: Happier Than You Think

The other day I was scurrying about in the “mom-mobile” when I heard a little tid-bit on my favorite Chicago-based radio station, MIX 101.9.  It’s title was something like “you’re happier than you think if…”  Of course I was curious so I turned up the volume and made a mental note to try and remember all of the points: 

  • You were a smiley student.  Look back (mentally or physically) at all of those school pictures…did you usually smile in them? 
  • You have a sister.  I can’t recall what the reason was (and why don’t brothers count?!)  but it was said to make you a happy person. 
  • You stay warm with a cup of hot cocoa–or any warm beverage.  Researachers say that just holding onto a warm cup or mug makes you emit postive feelings (does this suggest that Starbucks is scientfically-sound??!)
  •  You have souveniers on display.  Makes sense–you are constantly reliving and remembering happier times.  I have favorite photos framed all over the house…I think that counts as a souvenier.
  • You hang with positive people.  No-brainer there.
  • You restrict/limit the amount of television you watch.  Instead you spent time doing things that really matter to you.
  • You have a good love life.  I suppose the definition of this is subjective…but overall, you are happy with your romantic place in life. 
  • You make exercise a priority.  Exercise increases endorphines (those feel-good hormones), so it’s no wonder…plus you are  are making your body healthy in the long run (he, he).
  • You have not just one, but two best friends.  Not sure what the significance is with having 2…I suppose it’s all about having a back-up. 

I sure hope you were able to check off a couple of points on this list.  If not, carefully look over it again and see where you might be losing out.  Maybe it just means you need to make a few more stops through the Starbucks drive-thru!

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