In My Brain Today: The Tooth Fairy

I am really beginning to feel like a “grown-up.”  It all has to do with Kindergarten.  Monday night my husband I needed a sitter so we could both attend Kate’s Kindergarten Open House.  If it wasn’t sitting in the tiny kid-sized chairs that made me feel like a grown-up, than it was the wave of pride and disbelief that I was sitting in my daughter’s classroom where she learns all day long.  The classroom looked vaguely familiar–like one of mine from year’s past, perhaps.  Desks, calendars, and the American flag hanging high over the chalk dry-erase board. 

But today, today was yet another milestone in Miss Kate’s life: she lost her first tooth.  She’s been working on this tooth for about 2 weeks now.  She’s been giddy with anticipation and excitement over the tooth fairy. She wants to know what she’ll get for losing a tooth and what the tooth fairy looks like and when it will all happen.  She wants to know how the tooth fairy knows when to make an appearance and if she’ll get a glimpse of her. 

Being the dutiful mom that I am, I ordered a cute little pillow for stuffing the tooth in and called it “done.”  Then she kept asking questions and I have been pondering on what I can do to make the event more memorable.  I have decided to do a little trail of glitter in her room…as well as making a book for the first experience.  Only it’s Kate who will be making the book.  I bought a “make-you-own-book” kit from the craft section of my favorite store (who am I kidding…Target!) and she will have a blast “writing” and illustrating it.  All about the fairy.  All by Kate.  I’ll add in a snap shot of her toothless grin and ding–a keepsake.  I may even make a certificate for “first lost tooth” on the computer.  Daddy is planning to stop at the bank for a cool coin like Sacagewa. 

“How many times do we have to play tooth fairy?”  He asked me.  “Twenty, hon.  They have twenty little teeth,” I replied. 

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