Just 4 Moms on Wednesday: Busy People

Here’s a little pop psychology for you…busier people are happier people.  How is that even remotely true?  Aren’t the less-busy people happier?  After all, they have all day to sit around relaxing, doing what they will with no one trying to hurry them along.  Sounds pretty idyllic to me. 

Ahh, yes…but there is balance in everything.  Folks who have things to do–a reason to wake up–makes them happier overall.  Folks with a full agenda encompassing various types of activities throughout the day actually have happier lives.  It’s true.  Think about how unmotivated you may feel if you didn’t really have much going on.   Unmotivated is one thing, but unmotivated and unhappy is downright depressing. 

What have you got going?  What structures your day?  Hummm…let me guess…if you’re a mom, it’s probably your kids.  A word of caution:  don’t forget about you, too.

When life becomes all about caring for your kids, you may forget to take care of you and that is really a big mistake.    When you are busy, it rubs off on your kids.  They see that you have something you are passionate about.  They see that it’s okay for you to care about something other than them (shocker, I know).  They see that you have interests outside of PTO and toilet cleaning. They begin to see you as a “real” person and not just Mom. 

While I don’t want you to feel like you have to run out and tack one more thing on your every-growing list of things to do; it may be a good idea to really look at your list.  A typical day should include at least one little thing for you.  One thing that you are excited and passionate about.  One more thing that doesn’t really feel like drudgery, but one more thing that makes you feel like a happy, productive and busy person.  Because busier people are happier people.

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