In My Brain Today: Just Call Me ‘Bag Lady’

I don’t know about you, but my life seems to be compartmentalized into bags.  It’s sort of embarrassing in a way.  A bag, really?  Couldn’t I come up with something a little more…uh…sophisticated?  But when I get home from a morning or afternoon of running around, I find that I am unloading bags upon bags from my minivan.  And then my kids come home from school and…more bags! 

Know what I’m talking about?  Do you feel the same? 

I have a bag for exercise gear and iPod stuff.  I have one that houses my laptop and related accessories.  Yet another bag contains all of my materials for facilitating my group on CAS.  I have a purse, of course and the occassional shopping bag or two.  There’s the library bag and the preschooler’s backpack.  And her lunch.  Sometimes, I am toting all of those bags into the house just from one outing! 

It’s downright exhausting!  As if  just schlepping these bags around isn’t enough, I actually have to do things with them!  I have a book to write on that laptop, I should get myself to the gym, I plan and teach a class on apraxia, and on and on! 

Getting them back in the door is somehow not nearly as much fun as getting them out the door.  Once inside they scream for my attention, “Wash me!  I smell like groin sweat!”  “Pack me!  I need something wholesome and nutritious and, yes I’m 5!” “Charge me!  Add more songs!”  “Cut off my tags…NOW…I’m 3 and can’t wait patiently my neatwboots and leggings!”  “Read this stack of books–NOW!” 

Ah, yes…the bag lady.   Let’s just bag it and move on.  And that’s what’s in my brain today, Thursday September 23 2010.

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