Cute & Simple: Canvas Art


Way back in August, we hosted a back-to-school ice cream party for Kate and Kelly.  Who are we kidding?!  I was celebrating the fact that my little cherubs would soon be out from under my feet! 

Finally, after a whirlwind month of vactioning, unpacking, and getting ready for the first day of school, attending school meetings and such (plus all of my other 50 million projects), Kate and I completed the handprint art we started at the ice cream party. 

Every little girl at the party had their hand painted with their choice of ice cream flavor-colored acrylic paint (washes or peels off quickly)…mint, strawberry, chocolate seemed to be the most popular selections.  I wanted the palm part to represent the “scoop” and the fingers to look like ice cream dripping down the cone.  Everyone’s name was penciled in so we’d remember who’s scoop was who’s.  

Later, we added Dot-Art Paint in the background, embellished with “sprinkles” (stickers and tiny pom pons) and peel-and-stick lettering as a way to keepsake the event.  It’s now hanging in our basement playroom as a reminder of the sticky–and yummy–fun we all had on “Sundae,” August 15 2010.  (See August 2010 blog archives for invite ideas and party pics). 

Making scoops with paint

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Author of SPEAKING OF APRAXIA (Woodbine House, 2012) frantically working on a novel that should be ready for submission this fall. Mom of two spritely redheads & one chubby basset hound whose stories & images appear in my writing from time-to-time.

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