In My Brain Today: Curious About Accupuncture

Last night I headed over to my chiropractor’s office because I just felt like I needed a good adjustment.  I had had a headache for the past two days.  Nothing major, just a nuisance as headaches often are.  It wasn’t going away with rest or Ibuprofen or water, my typical “cures” for a headache. 

I was tired and worn out and well…I’m a mom, it comes with the territory.  The other really great thing about this chiropractor is they offer massages prior to an adjustment, which really makes a lot of sense.  If the muscular structures of  our miraculous body is what contributes to the skeletal structure getting all “out of whack,” then sure…I’m all for a good massage.  Loosen that stuff up! 

Therapeutic massages are good for all kinds of things…it improves ones immune system by massaging the lymph nodes, which helps the body rid itself of waste, loosens tight muscles (tension/stress), and promotes an overall sense of wellbeing.  I know there’s lots more to it, but I won’t bore you with everything I know about massage therapy. 

When I complained to the chiropractor that my kids stress me out (see Tuesday’s post, “momma needs meds”), he suggested accupuncture. e  Okay.  I have an open mind. I know there are a lot of benefits to be had from accupuncture.  Just as there are benefits to practicing yoga on a regular basis, taking your vitamins, and eating tofu.  Yes.  I can try accupuncture. 

 But I am a little squeemish of needles.  Not my thing, not even as a former nurse.  I do not like needles!  I do not like blood!  So, the chiropractor popped a teeny tiny little needle in the web of skin between my index finger and thumb.  I didn’t even feel it go in. I stood there looking at the needle and then to my chiropractor.  I had about 500 questions for him about the ancient Chinese practice of accupuncture.  I am sure he was sorry he suggested it.  I was able to ask nearly all of my questions in 2-3 minutes.  Guess I’m a fast talker.

When he pulled the needle out, there was a drop of blood.  Really.  I was surprised since the needle was really no thicker than a strand of hair.  And I had a nice little red ring forming around the spot on my hand.  “What’s that about?”  I asked.  “Your chi.”  He responded.  I was skeptical, “Well, maybe it’s just because I have fair skin?”  He assured me that it wasn’t because of my skin tone.  It was what the Chinese would call a “good reaction….your body needs this.”  I’m not so sure.  Maybe he’s just  trying to sell me something. 

He further explained that I could come back, get poked with about 8 different needles (one in each ear, even!),  lie in a dark room for about 20 minutes, and walk out feeling like I haven’t a care in the world.  Not that sounds like something I ought to sign up for! 

And that’s what’s in my brain today, Thursday October 7th 2010.

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