Cute & Simple: Kindergarten Cutie

Could there be any other milestone in early childhood more climactic than the first day of Kindergarten?  It’s the day our precious “babies” emerge from the safety and security of our homes, prepared in many ways to share (hopefully), learn, cooperate, and greet the world in an embrace.  It’s a milestone for us, parents too as we look back on the first five or so years of our parenting.  I did it!  I kept them alive.  I provided food and drink, and hugs and kisses.  I played for hours on the floor with impossibly boring toys and wiped so many bottoms.  I ate lots of broccoli and asparagus just to show you how “yummy” it really is.  And now, I send you to Kindergarten, dear one. 

Kate’s Kindergarten portraits recently came back.  I was nostalgic for the first day all over.  As a friend in college once told me, “You’re nostalgic for the future, Leslie.”  Yeah, that’s me. 

After admiring her cute little grin through the cellophane package of Lifetouch Portraits about 100 times, I decided that I needed to do something about this, uh…milestone.  (I know, I’ve already overused that word too many times already).  I already sent out “Look who’s in Kindergarten” photo cards at the very beginning of the school year.  I know, gag me.  But getting school portraits back called for yet another crafty mom moment. 

I headed to Archivers and gathered up a few supplies that would make adorable vintage-inspired photo cards.  Making my final selections, I was giddy with anticipation of my new project. 

Here’s the final product: 

Kindergarten Cutie

So, I sent them out to family and marked, “Preserve things for future generations” off my to-do list, along with “Hike Kilaminjaro, feed the poor, run a marathon, and save the whales.”   In any case, I hope Kate will appreciate the gesture some day.  I had fun exercising my creativity and perhaps I’ve help inspire yours.  


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