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Tot Talk Tuesday: Too Soon for the Holidays?

I don’t know about you, but does time seem to slip by way too fast?  For one, I am having a hard time believing that this is probably “peak leaf week” here in Chicgaoland…weren’t we just running around in our swimming suits?  Of course, in just a few short weeks is the second biggest holiday in “kid-world,” Halloween (first on the list is Christmas).  I don’t know about you, but I am overwhelmed with

1.  the fact that time seems to go by waaay too quickly (yep, my parents were right about that when I was younger)


2.  holiday preparation(s). 

At Target today, I overhead a mother saying to her little one, “Let’s add it to your Christmas list.”  In the reality of things, Christmas feels far, far away to this two-year old, but for what it’s worth…

Of course, my own kids have been talking about the festivities already, too.  We’ve heard stories about elves lately, as well as a few wish-list items (an American Girl doll bed) and I’ve even had a few random thoughts about the menu! 

The thing is, if I start now–before the leaves even fall from the trees, I’m pretty organized come Decemeber 25th.  I start browsing the toy aisles just to get a sense of what’s “out there,” making a mental list of items I may want to get more my girls.  I cull through the catalogs that stuff my mailbox and dog-ear ones that seem like “cool ideas.”  I start to think of a gift theme for extended relatives…for example, one year we got everyone something fleece and a good book to cozy  up with (other ideas have been personlized stationery, and magzine subscriptions).  I may not do anything just yet (well, okay–I have made about 2 Christmas related purchases already), but I keep my list fresh and ready. 

And yes, I have started thinking about my annual Christmas card–which photos to include, and where I’ll order them from. 

Here’s the caveat: I am not jumping the gun by by-passing all of the fall festivities (I LOVE fall!).  I am living in the moment.  I just know that the moment comes and goes so quickly.  With a little preparation, we can all have wonderful moments.

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