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Tot Talk Tuesday: Too Precocious

I have a super-cute, yet very precocious little girl.  Kelly is 3 going on 14.  Sometimes, I think I am not smart enough to keep up with this little pip-squeak .  She’s one smart cookie and the questions she asks are just down-right dumbfounding.  

Her memory of things in the recent (and distant past) are amazing, so are her observations, vocabulary, attention to detail, and insights.  I don’t know how on earth this kid got so darn smart! 

 As the second born daughter in our family, I was feeling a bit guilty that she was getting my attention second-hand.  I really felt the need to focus on my first-born since neither of us has been through particular developmental milestones together before.  So I worked with my first born on play concepts, socializing, preschool academics, and the like (not to mention speech issues related to CAS)….all along feeling sort of guilty that I wasn’t devoting the same kind of attention to my littlest angel. 

Lately I began thinking that there is asecond-born advantage” going around.  Perhaps little Kelly is so smart and precocious because she has a big sister!  Hummm…now there’s something to think about.  My husband (also a second born) “seconds” that.   He grew up following his older brother’s footsteps…the good ones and not-so-good ones, determinining what it is his parents liked and wanted to see more of at the expense of his older brother.  Not such a bad way to go, hon.  Learn from your elders, right? 

I suppose Kelly is picking up on those things as well.  She is also picking up on all of the “stuff” I try to teach Kate, albeit a little ahead of her time.  Maybe that’s what’s making her so precocious? 

How to deal?  Well, for one I suppose I need to remember that I am the parent and that I am much older than Kelly, no matter how “smart” she seems.  I have had waaay more schooling and years under my belt, so that makes me a little more of an authority than she is.  Most definitely. 

I will continue to talk with her about socialization, being helpful, taking care of the environment, reading books, exercising, being open to new ideas, and reminding her that it’s not always important to be “right” but it is important to seek information.  Heck, maybe I was a precocious kid and that’s where she “got” it from? 

Here’s a link from Today’s Parent you may be interested in:

When I looked at Amazon for some books on the subject, all I found were books on precocious puberty….hummm, there really needs to be a book on precocious preschoolers!  I need a “how-to guide” for dealing with the daily cuteness from  little Miss Kelly. 

Tomorrow: Interview with Juice-Plus+ consultant, Lynne Page

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