In My Brain Today: Facebook Madness

It took me awhile to tap into the social network scene.  I’ll be the first to admit that I am a bit “old-school.”  Nothing wrong with that.  I like the classics.  I like the idea of connecting with a friend over a cup of coffee or even over the phone.  Email is fine, too so long as it’s personal and not just a goofy forwarded message.  After the urging of various friends (no, they weren’t virtiual friends, but actual real people), I joined Facebook.  It’s been about a year. 

I am wildly addicted now.  Like all addictions, it starts off slow and small and gradually builds with intensity.  Until you are finally hooked in whatever “drug” it is that you seek.  Today, I spent the morning doing normal, productive things.  Unloading the dishwasher, sending kids off to school, framing a print at Michaels, step-aerobics (see yesterday’s post–yes, Lynne was my instructor), and baking pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies.  And then, it was all over.  I plopped down at my laptop when little Kelly (precocious one, see Tuesday’s post) was napping with the intention of getting a little “work” done.  Yes, I do have some writing projects I ought to tackle. 

You see where I am going with this, don’t you?  Well, given the fact that I have opted to look at Facebook for way longer than I should–in lieu of showering, even (ew)–I have determined that 1) I needed some down time or 2) I am hopelessly “hooked.”  

What was I doing on Facebook?  Well, nothing.  I decided to start looking up all of the old folks I went to High School with.  They aren’t really my “friends” much as the reason that I no longer fit into my High School jeans.  I out grew them.  I moved on.  They moved on.  If I had wanted them in my life (and vice versa), we would have stayed in touch, right?  Absolutely.  Sure, I keep tabs on a couple of really close gals from HS, but that’s it.  But today, well today I was just flat-out curious. 

I heard about the guys I used to ride the big yellow bus with–I may have had a teensy-weensy crush on one of the brothers (can’t even really remember which one at this point), and so I checked out his profile which is on a friend’s profile….oh look, he knows so-and-so…let’s check them out!  Oh, look what’s-his-face has a kid!  Wow–never thought he’d settle down.  Here’s the girl who dated the most popular guy in school…hummm….looks like they got married!  OMG–cute kids!  She was always so pretty…yikes…what happened?!  You get the idea.  It is consuming.  It sucks you in.  It’s a giant addiction. 

Recently, Jim and I saw the movie based on Facebook, “The Social Network,” and I have to say it was pretty interesting how something that started as a sort of cottage industry in a Harvard dorm room intended as an ivy-league network site lead to millions being connected in all kinds of intricate ways.  It’s like everyone has become the Kevin Bacon of movies…

But I still don’t quite “get it.”  I mean, fun to stalk the “popular” kids from HS, the loners and dorks (who have really shaped up in some regards), and see whose baby is cutest…but in the end, I really “learned” nothing and I am still unshowered. 

And that is what is in my brain today, Thursday October 28, 2010.

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