Cute & Simple: Fire Pit Friday

Chilly days lead to chillier nights in the fall.  Huddling together on the patio, hot cocoa in hand and a cozy blanket is a great way to end the day–and the week. 

Our family has dubbed it “Fire Pit Friday,” a nice lilt to it, if you ask me and since I’m big on alliteration, this one fits right in with “Leslie Language,” (ha, there it is again).  My dad gave Kate a telescope for her 5th Birthday and it makes its weekly appearance as we attempt to gaze at the stars and talk about the deeper meaning of life.  Well, not quite.  But, we do try to engage the girls in a little more forward thinking than typical.  For instance, I asked last week what the most important thing in the world is and Kate responded, “chocolate.”  Not bad.  Kelly mentioned, “our house,” and I said “love,” and Daddy said, “our family.”  Okay so, it will take awhile to get the girls thinking a little more abstractly, but at least we are planting the seed. 

You can start a similar family tradition on Friday nights, too.  Here’s what else we incorportate on “Fire Pit Friday”:

  • The girls have to help get set up–that includes clearing the dinner dishes and arranging chairs on the patio outside
  • Safety of course is a big concern–only daddy is in charge of the fire
  • Mommy prepares the evening treat–be it s’mores or hot cocoa or popcorn
  • Stars and planet spying
  • Some kind of “big” question….where does love come from…how far away is that star…who is the most important person to you…when you grow up…if you had one wish in the whole wide world…if you could go anywhere, where would you go…
  • The first sign of crankiness and we all pack up and go in (it’s the big nap-time incentive…”If you take a nap, we can have fire pit Friday.”) 

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