In My Brain Today: The Urge to Purge

It cycles through just like everything else in life–the seasons, your “monthly” and the urge to purge.  I am no doubt in the middle of my “urge.”  I want things gone, done, put away, and over.  Every so often the mood hits me.  It’s time to haul out the large trash bag and get to purging.  I’m talking clutter here, unwanted toys, clothes, stuff

My desk is the first step.  It’s overflowing with papers, catalogs, binders, receipts , and projects.  As a typically very organized person, this is driving me bonkers.  I hardly have a moment to dash off an email or two, let alone really sit and go through every little piece of paper.  Now, if I was really on top of it, I would schedule 5 minutes or so of every day to deal with the papers on my desk.  I take comfort in the adage that a person’s desktop is representative of their mind, “the more cluttered your desk, the smarter and more creative you are.”  Okay–I guess I am just smart and creative. 

Now to tackle the kids’ basement playroom.  It’s out of hand.  I still have Rubbermaid boxes stacked up in the corner full of toys I want stowed out of sight, along with the “organize furnace room” which has been on my to-do list since school started nearly 2 1/2 months ago. 

I want to make a pile of old toys, games and clothing to take the the kids’ resale shop.  Best to get this done now before all of the new loot from the holidays starts rolling in.  Yes, the urge to purge has hit! 

Here are a couple of tips I use when I am ready to embark on a purging adventure:

  • Broken, doesn’t work, parts missing,  hasn’t been touched or played with in 6 mos–ditch!
  • If kids have outgrown it (clothes or toys) don’t hang on to it, unless it’s really sentimental (in that case, find something creative to do with it–frame that infant holiday dress in a shadow box and display it along with your other holiday decor)
  • If you wouldn’t play with it (because it looks junky, uninteresting, etc), your kids probably won’t, either.  Find a new home for it.
  • Recycle papers you don’t need or want anymore…this goes for catalogs and magazines.  Better yet, rip out the pages that ‘speak to you’ and do something with them (binders, anyone?)
  • Frame your favorite kid art in inexpensive frames from Hobby Lobby or Target.  Hang ’em up. 
  • Delete and organize your in-box.  Create “folders” for special correspondence
  • Then sit back and realax…doesn’t everything look super-duper? 

Curious about the cycle of things?  I once read in “Mother-Daughter Wisdom: Understanding the Crucial Link Between Mothers, Daughters, and Health” by Christiane Northrup, M.D. that the urge to purge really does follow your period…something about the psychological connection between cleansing your body of “old” and preparing for new…makes sense.  Also learned the connection between the way your voice sounds like  your mothers (and not your fathers) is biological.  Hummm…check it out. 

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