Holiday Ho-ho-ho-down 2010: The Turkey is Gobblin’

Welcome to a new “column” on Leslie 4 Kids!  This one is a temporary–every Wednesday now through the new year, replacing “Just 4 Moms.”  It’s all about preparing for and enjoying (yes, it can be done)  the holidays.  We’ll call it “Holiday Ho-ho-ho-down.” 

I walked into the Y this morning where I do my usual exercise routine and…ta-da!  Everything was decked out in blue and silver snowflakes.  Yes, the holidays are among us.  Really.  The woman who checked me in at the front desk asked me if I had my turkey yet.  Well, no.  For two reasons: we’re vegetarian and we are traveling for Thanksgiving anyway. 

I guess with this mild fall we have been having here in Chicagoland, I have really  just not had Turkey Day on the brain.  It doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving.   It doesn’t even look like Thanksgiving!  Okay, so maybe it does.  I just glanced out the window and I see gray skies and and most of the leaves have fallen to the ground….although those mums are huge clouds of vivid color. 

Regardless of whethere you are traveling or staying put for the big turkey fest, you have some preparations to see to.  How to envision this holiday going?  Careful, don’t get your hopes set too high (like I often do) just to have them pop when things don’t pan out. 

Since we’re traveling, it doesn’t mean I am “off the hook” where the prep work goes.  I have decided that I am baking a yummy pumpkin loaf for each of the branches of our family.  Okay, not hard–just time consuming.  I only have three loaves to bake, tie up with a cute raffia bow, pop a sticker on top of the saran wrap and transport to St. Louis.  I can do that. 

I have some Christmas gifts to wrap and pack and distribute to the folks we’re having an early Christmas with.  Okay…that’s three sets of gifts.  I have two kids and all of their laundry to do.  Of course, I’ve got to make sure our favorite owl and tree-themed digs are ready to show off one last time before packing them up for the “winter.”  Nope, a girl cannot wear orange and brown trees in Decemeber–just not seasonally appropriate.  Of course, I was the dorky mom who decided they had to have them.  I’ll add in school work and papers and the first report card to bring so I can show the proud grandparents just what it is their little granddaughter is doing in school.  They need movies and books and things to keep ’em busy in the car….okay, I can do that.  Sigh. 

Oh, and for me…well I guess I do need to deliberate on what I am going to wear to see friends and family whom I haven’t seen in months.  Yoga pants just won’t cut it. 

Once we get to St. Louis, it’s run here and run there and see this person and eat that cranberry sauce and struggle to fit into those skinny jeans…oh, but Thanksgiving, I love you anyway.

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