Tot Talk Tuesday
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Tot Talk Tuesday: A Love for Literacy

I had a fun opportunity to be the “Mystery Reader” in my daughter’s kindergarten class this morning!  What  fun time–more so than I expected.  She was all smiles and grins when I showed up book in hand.  And so was I. 

As a family who is crazy for books, this was the perfect opportunity to show it off.  I read Jamie Lee Curtis’ book, “Big Words for Little People” in which the reader is introduced to many grown-up sounding words like “consequence, patience, cooperate,” among others.  All are illustrated with hilarious art from Laura Cornell.  But the “biggest” big word of all is “LOVE.”  I love how they talk about the words being the language that connects us all. 

I also made and distributed little bookmarks to the class.  Simple and easy: I purchased pre-cut bookmarks for about $2.99 from a craft store, added some stickers, a ribbon, and a little blurb about who the mystery reader was and what we read.  They loved the special little treat–a reminder that books are great! 

Mommy reads "Big Words for Little People" by Jamie Lee Curtis

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