Apraxia Monday on Tuesday: And the winner is…

Okay all–it’s been just over 24 hours and I have to put a close on the “Big Book of Exclamations” give-a-way

Twenty-eight of you read the blog on Teri Peterson, CCC-SLP  and I got 5 comments…the last one to come through today was from Julia R who’s son has severe apraxia.  His  favorite exclamation of late,  “Toads for gas!”  Seems the little guy woke up with some flatulence and this is how he shared it! 

Julia–congratulations for being the 5th comment to come through!  You book is on the way. 

Other honorable mentions:

Leslie M. hears a lot of “cools and awesomes” at her house.

Amy M.’s daughter says, “I’m serious.” 

Others reported things like, “Night-night” and yet another says angelic “hi” when knows she is in trouble. 

All too cute and too exciting to hear those great words coming from the mouths of our equally great kiddos.  Now off to packing my little ones for the annual trip to St. Louis for Turkey-fest!

Oh, and don’t forget…another book give-a-way next Monday, November 29th…”Speech Class Rules” by Ronda Wojcicki, CCC-SLP.

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