Cute & Simple: Creating the Gift List

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I think the trytophan is having a delayed effect on me…today’s the day I’m exhausted.  Perhaps it’s not the turkey at all (I didn’t have any, I’m vegetarian) but more like the junky Mexican food and Ted Drews frozen custard I just downed here in St. Louis. 

We are back to “where it all began”  in our hometown.  The girls have been adequately spoiled by grandparents this morning at The Ritz’s annual Teddy Bear Tea and I am spoiled by having a kid-free day …where else but a bookstore?!  Today’s post is a combination approach between “Holiday Ho-ho-ho-down” and “Cute and Simple.”  Making that gift list…not as easy as you thought? Here are some tips: 

  • Make a list of everyone you typically buy gifts for…kids, spouse, parents, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc.  Under each name, list a few of their interests or hobbies.  Buy for that person based on his or her likes and interests. 
  • Set a dollar amount or range.  For example,  $15- $25 for a friend, $75-100 for combined parent gift, and $200-300 per child…or whatever you feel comfortable with. 
  • Remember, a gift is meant to be something the receiver wants but wouldn’t necessarily buy for herself.  It has to be special and have meaning for that person. 
  • Our family has taken up the idea of themed gifting…what that means is everyone on our list receives a gift that is consistent with that year’s theme.  How do you determine a theme? 
  • A theme can be whatever you please…here’s a list of potentials:
  • Fleece or wool (blankets, throws, scarves, pull-overs, mittens, etc), photos (books, coasters, mugs, calendars), gift baskets that go with that person’s interests, gift cards (get creative–everyone receives a gift card for something they need or  love…books, home improvement, gas), personalized stationary, address labels/embossers, beer/wine/dessert of the month club, books (you know their interests, why not get them a book that goes along with it…gardening book for the person with the green thumb, a cookbook for the chef), movie and a dinner gift cards (stick ’em in a cute popcorn container for a fun presentation), bath and body products for the ladies, something personalized (tee-shirts, plates, bowls, ornaments, etc.) , magazine subscriptions, DVDs, music, or Wii games
  • The possibilities are endless.  Once you determine the theme, it’s really easy to knock everyone off your list without much trouble.  And yes, you can still be personal about it.  Say your theme is “fleece”…you can get your sister a fleece scarf, hat and mitten set, your brother-in-law a pull-over, your mom a throw, it doesn’t all have to be the same gift. 

Have fun, Black Friday shoppers…and please get some rest!

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