Apraxia Monday on Tuesday: WINNER of “Speech Class Rules!”

Fun times on Leslie 4 Kids.  Today I get to give-a-way a book! 

While lots of you took the time to read about Ronda W., SLP and  her book, “Speech Class Rules,” only 3 of you took a minute to email me their comments/ideas on their first experience with speech pathology.  Since I was looking for the 5th comment (had to come up with something, right?!)  I will settle for the 3rd comment…highest bidder wins. 

AND THE WINNER IS….Chris F. and her 4yo daughter with apraxia.  Yay, Chris!! 

Here’s her comment: 

“My first experience with speech therapy was when my daughter (then 2) started weekly therapy for a speech delay.  I had no idea what to expect.  Her speech therapy was taking place at her in-home daycare provider’s home.  Since she is a bit clingy, so we waited until a few sessions to start attending ourselves so that she could get to know the therapist without wanting to cling to me so much.  During her therapy it was nap time for the other children [in the daycare].  One child in particular refused to nap during my daughter’s speech sessions.  He was so intrigued by the special attention and learning that he participated by peeking out of bed and saying the words and sounds my daughter was encouraged to say.  It was quite funny!  In the end it helped her feel more confident to have one of her peers participate.   She’s now 4 (and officially diagnosed with CAS), still in therapy but doing quite well!”

Other honorable mentions were from Julia R. whose son had been with a handful of speech pathologists before finding the right “fit.” and Melissa K. who had a really wonderful experience with a very hands-on, thorough, fun and comfortable speech pathologist. 

Up Next: 

  • Next Tuesday we’ll get back to our “reguarly scheduled” program of “Tot Talk Tuesday” (child edu/psych)
  • The “Ho-ho-ho Down” on Wednesday will talk about fun ways to count-down to the “big day.” 
  • Apraxia Monday on Decemeber 6th will give you some great gift ideas for special people in your lives (think SLPs, teachers, aides). 
  • As always, your ideas, comments, and suggestions are much welcomed!  leslie_lindsay@hotmail.com

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