The Holiday Ho-ho-ho-down: Ellie the Elf

Welcome to the first day of December!  We are currently getting some snow flurries and I have to say, it really does look festive.  Thank goodness none of it is sticking yet, but only time will tell. 

Now that it is December–a month I love to hate–I am sure you are getting lots of questions about the “mysteries” of the hoiday magic.  Depending on your kids’ ages and your religious/cultural beliefs, it’s best to be prepared. 

Lately, the question I have been hearing is, “Mom, how does Santa fit down the chimney?”  I just tell the girls it must be “Santa Magic.”  And I sort of hate myself for doing that.  It seems I am lying to my kids–which is something I really don’t like. 

My husband hates it even more.  In fact, before we even had kids we talked about the idea of Santa vs no Santa.  He feels like it’s the biggest lie you can tell your kid, and when they find out they feel betrayed by the people they are supposed to trust most (yep–us parents).  But I grew up with the wonder of Santa and when I “found out,” I was okay with it.  I just shrugged my shoulders and went on.  No biggie.  We ended up deciding on having Santa make an appearance at our home each Christmas.  We figured that we don’t want our kids to be the ones to spoil it for others.  And we agreed to make sure the girls really knew the true meaning of the holiday–love, family, togetherness, kindness, and Baby Jesus. 

Until last year.  Don’t get me wrong.  All of those “warm fuzzies” are all still part of the formula.  But now…well, now we have added “Ellie the Elf.”  She is a tiny little doll (I think she’s a Kelly doll–one of Barbie’s sisters??)  and she’s all decked out in a cute gingerbread outfit and looks kind of “elf-y.”  Ellie made a couple of appearances in November, but now she’s here to stay–at least for the rest of the month.  Oh my, I am really perpetuating the lie.  Ugh.  Don’t hate me. 

Each night, we leave out crackers and water (think: snow crunching under feet)  she  comes for a visit.  We find her in various places around the house…hiding on top of the refrigerator, in a tall plant, on the ceiling fan.  You just never know!  She left a note last night indicating that she comes to check in on our daily behavior and reports back to Santa.  She even left a advent sticker calendar. 

But Ellie isn’t just about good behavior and leaving treats.  Sometimes, she leaves notes about being kind to others.  One note last year read, “Be extra-kind to at least one person and then tell your mom and dad what you did tonight at dinner.” 

Other ideas:

  • Bake cookies and give some to your neighbor(s)
  • Make a Christmas card and give it to someone who might really need it (alone, sad, ill, not a kind person). 
  • Read about the first Christmas and talk with your mom and dad about it. 
  • Donate toys to a shelter
  • Little trinkets for a job well done are also appreciated.

Enjoy and have fun!

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