In My Brain Today: Sick of being sick

Kate asked me the other day, “Mom–do we get colds when it’s cold outside?  Is that why they call it a ‘cold’ ?”  It got me thinking…maybe she was on to something. 

It’s true that this time of year does generate more colds than other times of the year.  I don’t know if it’s statistically proven (well, it probably is–I just don’t feel like searching for the hard facts right now).  So, to satisfy Kate’s curiosity, I told her that sure, we’re inside more because it’s cold outside and the indoor air actually does have a lot of germs and dust in it that make us feel sick.  She was satisified with this answer and toddled off to do something else.  Kids…too resilient for their own good.  Doesn’t she just want to collapse like her momma does?!

As I sit to type this, I have not one–but two–little girls with ear infections and antibioltics.  Ugh….not only that, but I am feeling pretty down and out myself.  Just when I thought my symptoms were starting to resolve, a little relapse comes along.  Humph…did Mother Nature miss the lesson on, “Mommy Doesn’t Have Time to Get Sick?”  I think she skipped class that day. 

Everything feels worse.  The loud shreiks coming from the mouths of my babes, the sound on the dryer tumbling hot clothes around and around, the fact that I am doing it alone as my husband is away for business in D.C…..

I don’t know what I want more: my cold to go away or my kids to  go away?  If I could just have the day to lounge around in my comfy-cozies, take naps, and drink hot tea then I would be good to go by tomorrow, no problem.  But since I have two little girls to run after I (and I do mean “run”), then I can’t do that.  Instead, I have to do the above self-care in strange little crevices of time over a longer haul in order to feel better.  It just doesn’t make much sense. 

Moms can’t get sick.  So much for Airborne.  You failed me too, Juice-Plus+.  And those Riccola immune lozenges…worthless at least this time around.  Now, I just need a nap and to get well…because gosh darn it–I’ve got things to do!!

And that is what is in my brain today, December 9th 2010. 

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