Cute & Simple: Holiday Photo Craft

The kids can’t wait to see the guy in red velour and you’ve paid good money for those photos, but just what do you do with them? 

Our Santa photo package came with 8 wallets–two of which intended for the acrylic keychains that we got “free”–instead I created some cute–and inexpensive note cards to send to relatives. 

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  • Found the red “stocking” notecards in the $1 bin at Micheals–a total of 8 in a package (they also had a Christmas tree)
  • Stuck the photos on the front with a tape runner
  • Added a cute seasonal sticker to each. 
  • Wrote a little ditty, “Love, Kate and Kelly 2010.” 
  • On the back, I attached self-adhesive magnets so folks to pop ’em on their fridge
  • I made sure I secured the card so it doesn’t open like a card….just a cute stocking shape for all to admire. 

The whole project took less than 30 minutes—kid-free, of course! Add extra time if you decide to have your little ones help. 

Other ideas for your Santa photos:

  • Pop ’em all in a collage frame that you hang  just at the holidays.  You’ve have fun looking back at how the kids have changed through the years
  • Frame them individually and put them on display in a special location in your home
  • Put them in a small photo book and sit it out on the coffee table.  It’s smaller and more portable than individual frames
  • Make a scrapbook of Santa outings…photo, wish list of each child (write it yourself if your child can’t), the “hot” toy of the year, drawings, etc from your child.  You can do this will a plain-ol’ 3-ring binder and Avery sheet protectors.  Make a cute “cover” on your home computer and done!!

Humm…what will you create this weekend?! 

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