In My Brain Today: Puke Patrol

What harried mom 10 days before Christmas wants her child’s winter break from school to start 2 days early?  Not me.  And probably not you, either.  But, that is what I got today when my little redheaded petri dish started throwing up at prolific rates.  Ugh.  My eyes are rolling, I have things to do, and to top it all off I’m not feeling so swell, either. 

I did in fact, get my Z-Pak.  It’s working, but I had forgotten how tired the first dose or two of an antibiotic can make you. 

Today I focused on “puke patrol.”  All.  Day.  Long.  Yep, my “Little Green Machine” got quite the work-out.  My kids wallowed around on the couch and I got nothing done.  Unless it was laundry. 

“Puke Patrol” today reminded me of the days when I was home with the girls when Kelly was just a newborn.  I was still getting my bearings at being a mom of two under two and it was January in Minnesota.  Read: cold, snowy and homebound.   Not unlike it was here in Chicagoland today. 

I think I may have had a brief episode of PTSD sometime this morning when I was doing more clock-watching than I should have while hearing two kids cry at the same time.  Only one was crying because she puked on the couch and the other was crying because mommy wasn’t giving her enough morning “snuggle time.”  I wanted to cry, too.  I didn’t.  I held it together and pulled out the steamer.

And so the day morphed into one big boring day of nothing in which nothing was really accomplished.  It feels like such a waste.  But the good news is, I think my day of “puke patrol” is over at least till the next time something decides to grow in that petri dish I call “Kate.” 

And that is what is in my brain today, Decemeber 16th 2010. 

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