Cute & Simple (Friday)
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Cute & Simple: I’ll Flip For You!

Packaged and ready to deliver to guests...thank you card in background

My littlest girl, Kelly Mac is having a birthday.  Soon.  Monday, in fact.  This little precocious peanut is turning 4 going on…14?!?

I love her to pieces and so I just couldn’t hold back when it came time to throw her a birthday party.  Being the little tumblebee that she is, we chose a gymnastics party for her at the local park district (where she has been in gymnasatics for the last year). 

And if you have been following along on my blog, you will know just how much I love themes.  Find a theme, stick with it, perseverate on it, and viola–you’ve got yourself an over-the-top–read: “nerdy” party.   

These are the invitations I created for the party.  They look complicated and majorly time-consuming, but they aren’t.  Not really. 

  • Once I narrowed it down the type of  party Iwas hosting, I came up with a bunch of words related to the event…stretch, bend, hop, spring, spilt, flip, flop, tumble, beam...and then took those words and stretched their meaning a bit.  I settled on “Flip for 4” for our party motto. 
  • And then my creativity went wild! 
  • At my local craft store, I looked for gymnastics themed stickers first.  Because whatever I found would set the color palatte for the party.  Okay…they only carried one gymnstics sticker collection.  No more decisions here. 
  • Over to the paper and stationary aisle, I found these pre-packaged-already-cut-to-size note cards.  Two colors to a pack.  Great–they coordinated with the stickers.  In the basket they went. 
  • I picked out some peel-and-stick letters with sparkles so I could spell out “Flip for…”
  • I wanted to add a #4 charm of some kind, but couldn’t find what I had in mind so I created my own out of Shrinky-Dink paper.  I bought a “refill pack” and hand-lettered my numbers.  (Not such a bad task to do when your kids are coloring or your hubby is glued to the TV watching football). 
  • For the text on the inside of the invitation, I typed it all up on my computer, using fun colors and fonts to achieve a professional look.  Afterwards, I cut them all out, used a tape runner to secure to the cards…and done! 
  • For the presentation, I slipped the invites into clear cellophane treat bags, added some confetti, and tied a ribbon around to secure it all.  I hand-delivered most invites as we see most of these kiddos at preschool or I’m friends with their mommy. 
  • Here’s what the text says:

“We’re Flippin’ Out for Kelly’s 4th Birthday…so tumble on down to the _____” 

I really played up the gymnastics theme by adding in words like, “Warm-up,” “Team Meet,” “Coach Mom,” and “Beaming.”  Yes, a bit of a word-nerd I am!

I’ll show you some more photos and things from the party next week on “Cute & Simple,” so stay tuned! 

Until then, have fun being crafty and happy weekend.

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  1. Sandi says

    You always do such a great job on invitations and themed parties! I miss all you moms!

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