Cute & Simple: Party Count-down

With just about 24 hours to go till party time, I find that once I think I have it all done, something else crops up.  Oh, yes…I really should make signs so folks know where to go once they are inside the community center…and perhaps the kids need some nametags?  Yes, I will get on that right away. 

Actually, things are moving right along on schedule.  It’s feast or famine for those who have planned and carried out a party.  Hurry up and wait and then blast off to party city.  While I have been “waiting,” I’ve been busy making party favor bags, then filling them with goodies and crafting my own “gold” medals for each of the party-goers.  It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s really kind of fun for me.  I like it.  It’s sort of relaxes me and gives me something to do in the evening hours after the girls have gone off to dreamland…and my hubby watches bad TV. 

Here are some of the items I have been working on:

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The Medals are made from Shrinky-Dink paper (look for the plain “refill” paper at craft/hobby stores).  I hand-lettered the kids’ names with Crayola colored pencils.  Each one took about 10 minutes, once I  got the hang of it.  Then I purchased ribbon from Michaels, looped them around Kelly’s neck to “measure,” secured with really high-intensity glue, attached the Shrinky-dinks with “jump rings.”  Fairly easy, just multiple steps.

Favor Bags.  I waited and waited till Hobby Lobby had these canvas totes on sale for 50% off.  4 to a pack at $3.50 was perfect.  I bought all I could get my hands on that day, some “althletic” style flocked iron-on lettering and ironed those babies on.  Done.  I stuffed the bags with Flipz chocolate-covered pretzels, a shorty bottle of water, a wrist band, gymnastics-shaped Silly Bands, and gymnastics stickers.  Cute and fun.

Food.  Aside from the cool play-on-words, (Flipz pretzels, Splitz yogurt smooties), I will be serving cheese and crackers, fresh fruit, carrots and dip.  Gymnasts ought to be healthy, right?  Okay, they get a “treat,” too…cookie cake from Mrs. Fields with a girl on a balance beam piped on with icing.  But I also considered having the kiddos make their own banana splits (too messy, I decided).

Decorations.  I made this poster of Kelly by blowing up a photo of her at gymnastics through and turned it into what Walgreens calls a “poster.”  It was more durable than your classic Teen Beat-style poster…a large photo for about $12.  I then attached it to foam core and added some embellishments.  The kids will “sign” the poster for Kelly to keep as a little souvenier.  Of course, we’ll have balloons (and no, I couldn’t find any gymnastics-themed balloons anywhere.  Argh.) 

Fun and Games.  The kids will be with coach doing gymnstics things for the first hour, then to the party room for crazy-busy kid stuff…snacks and cake, singing “Happy Birthday,” and making their own bookmark with teeny-tiny gymnastics stickers.

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