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In My Brain Today: Throw-Up Thursday

I don’t know what the deal is about Thursdays.   Just about every Thursday for the last 5-6 weeks, someone in my household has been ill.  Why Thursday?  Why the day before a 4-day weekend from school?  Why barf?  And why me?! 

I really don’t have much to complain about.  You see, my hubby is the “night-watch” person.  Always has been since these little sprites were born.  He would get up and do the nightly pacing with them when they just couldn’t settle back to sleep on their own, and would even retrive our little bambinos at “feeding time” so I could nurse and doze in bed and even return her to the crib for the rest of her nightly slumber.  I sort of had it made.  (Thanks, honey). 

So, the “tradition” stuck of having daddy do night duty, even though my kids are well past that middle-of-the-night-awakening-thing.  I’m a very heavy sleeper, he wakes up when the heat kicks on.  I perseverate and mull over the previous days’ events as well as the next days…he falls asleep the second his head hits the pillow, I need time to decompress.   

Our arrangement has worked out.  The kids know this, too.  Last night it was, “Daaaadddy!”  we heard.  They want their daddy in the middle of the night.  Probably because they know their momma’s a good-for-nothing-slug at 2:30am. 

Jim had to run out and purchase a new thermometer at a 24-hour Walgreens last night because our current thermometer’s battery had died.  Better that than mercury poisoning, right?  He tried several pharmacies along the way, none were open at 2:30am.  Thrity miuutes down the road, he found what he was looking for. Kate had 102 fever. 

Like an infant, she was awake several times throughout the night.  Fevers, dry heaves, you get the idea.  She was sick. 

I was lying in bed mentally calculating all of the things I couldn’t get done with a kindergartner home sick from school.  No step aerobics.  Shouldn’t have eaten that homemade scone.  Darn.  No trip to Micheals.  Darn.  The new family room bookcase tops will continue to look bare.  No party prep will get done.  I’ll have to stay up late tonight.  What about time to write?  Humm…if this blog counts, well then I guess I got something done.  What about organizing all of those papers piling up on my desk or reading over the new health benefits?  Yeah….like I wanted to do that, anyway! 

And then this morning, she’s up hopping around like the house is a playground.  She has her music playing and is entertaining her sister in her room with dolls.  What?! 

A trip to the doctor, a quick bite out…okay she slugged around in booth the whole time…and while we were waiting in the drive -thru at Walgreens (second trip in 12 hours) she vomited.  All.  Over.  The. Car.  

“Mooooommm, I don’t feel so good,”  Yep.  Kelly screamed, “Oh, grosss!  Throw-up.”  She cried.  They both cried.  I wanted to.  Instead, I told her we’d be home in a jiffy and rolled down the windows.  It’s 19 degrees outside today. 

And it’s Throw-Up Thursday.  That’s what’s in my brain today, January 13, 2011. 

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