In My Brain Today: A Lot, thank you.

I am mostly the kind of gal who does not like to sit still.  I am not hyperactive, mind you.  I do, however have a lot of things I enjoy doing.  But like anyone, I do enjoy sitting still…that is if everything in my brain is “done.” 

It’s a “problem” I’ve had most all of my life.  I can’t relax if there is something brewing. I can’t relax if my brain is suggesting, “hey–why don’t you organize the Q-tips one last time?” or “Gee, the junk drawer is looking a little…uh, junky.” 

Right now, here’s what’s brewing:

  • I want to go to the Children’s Literature banquet hosted by a local bookstore.  Is the $49 registration too much to ask for being a SAHM? 
  • My heart rate can be classified as tachycardic as I look over the list of author signing and book releases coming to one of my favorite vendors…I want to go there, too!   I want to read all of those books!  Heck, I want to write one, too! 
  • I just whipped up a batch of my daughter’s favorite “Canandian Corn,” the kind with all sorts of syrup and sugar and butter and nuts…healthy it isn’t, but it was her only request after big sis gobbled up the last of her “special birthday popcorn.”
  • There is bread rising on the countertop, too.  Who can have a snowy day without fresh bread and soup? 
  • I’d really like to order some cute Valentine cards from Shutterfly, but…I don’t have any photos of my girls in their Valentine gear….do I even have Valentine gear??!
  • I wonder if I am psychic after reading some of the things in Sylvia Browne’s book, “Insight?”  Probably not, but whatever…still sort of fascinating.
  • The “Hunger Games” just arrived in a brown box on my front porch.  It’s YA fiction and sort of creepy in the sense that it all about the end of the world and teenagers fighting to the death.  I am eager (?!) to read it, even if it is totally out of my genre, but rumor has it–it  will become a movie and maybe even a bigger deal than Harry Potter.
  • Riverdance is coming to the Paramount and I should order tickets for me and my little Lassie to attend…she is taking Irish step dance lessons, afterall. 
  • And finally, as much as I would like to  go to the social-emotional development talk at an area middle school this evening, I am going to have to bag it.  I need sit at home and read all of those books and nibble all of that popcorn and bread.
  •  Tomorrow, I’ll go to the gym…if it isn’t snowing.

And that is what is in my brain today, Thursday January 27th 2011.

One thought on “In My Brain Today: A Lot, thank you.

  1. I loved the Hunger Games trilogy. I was a little dissatisfied with the ending to Mockingjay but it was an awesome ride. Young adult fiction is, a lot of time, much better than fiction aimed at adults. First movie arrives in theatres 3/23/12.

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