Cute & Simple: Do-it Yourself Valentines

Okay, I know it is still just January, but Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it!  Your kids will likely have school a party marking “the day of love,”  and that means you’ll be in charge of helping your little cherubs create–or at least–sign their name on the cards they hand out to their classmates. 

If you start now by having them sign a few each day, you’re less likely to have it end in a meltdown.  Here, you’lll find some ideas if you are crafty and patient enough to make your own.

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Using these stickers I found at Michaels–and my love for birdies and owls–I came up with a few little saying that just might work for the cuties at school.  Feel free to borrow my ideas and then let me know how they turned out.  Just shoot me an email   (This year, we’re sticking with store-bought ones as I  have the need to put my crafting talents towards other projects-one gal can only do so much!). 

  • You’re so tweet! (SweeTarts)
  • I’m a little tweet (sweet) on you!
  • You’ll always have a piece (peace) of my heart (add a mini Reeses pieces buttercup)
  • Whooo’s Cute(est)?! 
  • Whooo’s My Valentine?  It’s You! 
  • Owl (I’ll) always be your friend!

Depending on your child’s age and ability, you may consider making the card first on your own, then having your child add their own “embellishments” (scribbles, words, stickers, etc) along with name-writing practice.  Find out ahead of time if your child’s class is indeed exchanging valentines and approximately how many kiddos are in class that particular day.

Have fun being crafty and Happy Weekend!

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