Write On Wednesday: Begin at the Beginning

“Today’s the day–hurry so we won’t be late,”  young Ruby exclaims, the protagonist of one of my daughter’s favorite books by Sarah Duchess of York with the same title as the character. 

Uh, what am I getting at?!  Today is the day for what?  No school?  A huge Chicagoland blizzard?  A heat pack on my back from all of the shoveling?  Yes.  Yes.  And yes. 

Today is the day I heard from a  publisher on my huge writing project; the very one I have been working on for just over two years.    And today is the day I am introducing a new “column” to Leslie 4 Kids, “Write on Wednesday,” which will cover my writing life, the hows and whys, ponderings, how-to’s and tips.  Maybe  a little progress on my publishing career. 

Have I kept you in suspense long enough?  Well, they like it–but they have some questions and concerns.   No sweat, I am a first-time author, after all, and if it were perfect the first time, then that would be dumb luck. 

Perhaps, I came across as a little too chatty in my manuscript.  My chattiness may cause for readers not to take me as seriously.   Those of you who know me personally know I am anything but the class clown, but perhaps it is a teensy-bit too chatty.  Of course, I want to communicate that I am a concerned and credible writer/parent, not just a folksy joker.  And we’re talking apraxia here, so it is a pretty serious thing.   I can work on that.  I will work on that. 

The publisher is impressed with my professionally prepared proposal, my networking, and the steps I’ve already taken to secure interest in such a needed book.  Yay–all of that reading and research in my prep work paid off!  They would like for me to solict help from those who I’ve been in contact with to serve as advisors and perhaps write a forward.  And I will do just that. 

And so, I guess I will begin at the beginning.  Because really, it’s the end we are looking for. 

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