In My Brain Today: Administrative blah

Okay, I may not be a working professional anymore, but I am in charge of a lot of stuff and at least two “employees.”  Well, if we are going to be frank about it, it’s more like they are in charge of me! 

Running a household can be downright hard.  And I can never really walk away from it.  There is no clocking in and out, there are no benefits–really and most of all–no paycheck.  Blah. 

So why do I do this, this zillion yard dash?  Why not just go to work and boss other folks around and bring home some money every couple of weeks?  Good question .  Guess I am still struggling with the right answer.  Blah. 

Today, for example,  I received an automated call from Honda indicating that I have not yet brought my lovely van into to the shop for a brake recall that was sent in December.  What?!  I don’t remember that.  Sure enough, buried in my pile of “to do,” I found the recall notice.  And we just had a blizzard…gee, wonder how those brakes are doing?  Blah. 

The dentist office just called to inform me that Kate’s dental appointment was denied by insurance because she is not indicated as a covered dependent.  Well, great…guess I’m off the hook for at least one kid.  She must no longer be dependent on me–yahoo!!  Not really.   Guess I’ll spend the next 30 minutes to an hour “talking” with Delta Dental.  Blah. 

Don’t even get me started about all of the photos of various events I just cataloged and inserted into the proper “book.”  The “Kindergarten Years,” book, the baby book(s), the family portrait book.  I hope they appreciate this someday.  Blah.

As I sit here typing this, I still have my usual “to-do” pile waiting for me, a bunch of things to file and organize, oh, and a book to revise.  Blah. 

All I really want is a cup of coffee, a water cooler chat, someone else to do my blah for me… and yes, a paycheck would be nice. 

And that is what is in my brain today, Thurday February 3rd 2011. 

One thought on “In My Brain Today: Administrative blah

  1. Hey, we got that call, too! Master brake cylinder, they say. Did you know about this, I say to my husband? Oh, yeah, he says, I forgot.

    Sure. It’s just brakes! Argh!

    My other to-do is trying to get BCBS to change their mind regarding apraxia = developmental delay. Oh the joy.

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