A Little Literacy, Please: “Incredible You!”

Lately, at our house, we have been dealing with “mean girls.”  It’s not my kids, but some peers in my daughter’s kindergarten classroom.  We have been teaching Kate to respond to their snarky comments by saying to herself, “I am a cool kid.”  I say it out-loud  few times a day when she is in earshot, too, “I am a cool kid!”  just so she can begin to internalize it. 

And then I came across these books by Dr. Wayne Dyer.  He’s a self-help, motivational speaker/psychologist.  He’s written books for parents, and now for kids.  We’ve had his kids books for some time now, and have read them, but maybe it’s time they make a re-appearance so we can deal with this “mean girl” situation. 

“Incredible You: 10 Ways to Let Your Greatness Shine Through” (2005 Hay House), is based loosely on his adult-version, “10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace,” which we don’t have but maybe I should look into!  I know you’re dying to know, so here they are:

1–Share the Good:  When you share your ideas with others, it makes for a fun and happy time

2–Find What you Love:  Hone in on your passion! 

3–You are Filled with Love:  When you reach in a let your love out, it will come back! 

4–Find a Quiet Place inside:  We all need a “place” to go for quiet thought

5–Make Today Great!  Don’t worry about the past, focus on the good of today

6–Change Your Thoughts into Good: Not all problems are big.  Ask for help when you need it. 

7–Take Care of Yourself: When someone or something makes you feel bad, do things that make you feel good. 

8–Picture What You Want: Picture in your mind what you want to accomplish

9–Everyone is Special, Especially You: Our love and “goodness” connect us together

#10–Good Thoughts Give You Energy:  Bad thoughts zap energy.  Tell yourself, “I am good/brave/smart”

Incredible You! 10 Ways to let your greatness shine through

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