Apraxia Monday: Music CDs designed with CAS in mind

The jury’s still out on whether music makes kids smarter.  Scientists are continuing to do research that supports music boosting verbal and math skills.  In the meantime, it’s fun and what could it hurt?  Music can help kids express themselves, relax, release tension, and it may even help with attention, focus, and creativity. And yes, it may even help kiddos with apraxia.  Here are some CDs you may consider purchasing, or asking your local libarian about: 

Time to Sing CD:  the songs on this CD have been slowed from the originals to encourage kids with apraxia to sing along (the original pace of these songs may be too fast for young apraxics to keep up).  Includes traditional favorites such as “Wheels on the Bus,” “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” and “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.”  Look for it only at www.apraxia-kids.com, $15. 

SPEECHercise CDs:  At home, at school, in the car these CDs have been nationally certified by SLPs to help kids (ages 3-6) who have difficulty with speech.  They combine silly songs, mouth exercises and drills.  Plus, there’s a parent guide, worksheets, and lyrics if you order the “enhanced music CD.”  About $13 through www.twinsisters.com

Marvelous Mouth Music:  Songs for Therapy and Beyond.  It’s a little pricey (ranging in price from $55-155 on Amazon) for the book and CD but those that use it, like it.  Suzanne Evans Morris, PhD created the product is an internationally known SLP. 

Sing out! Music to Enhance Language Development. (CD). Written and performed by a mom who’s a music therapist and has a daughter with CAS, this CD has been helpful to many who need a little nudge where language development is concerned.  Visit www.singoutonline.com where you can listen to clips and purchase. 

 Kids Express Train (CD).  This company helps kids with speech and language disorders and delays simply sing simple songs through fun, transportation-themed albums like “Drills on Wheels” and “Conversation Station.”  Check them out at: www.expresstrain.org

 Make a Sound and Move Around (CD & Booklet).  SLP and musician created with the Pediatric Therapy Network, this program works to help kids with basic communication, socialization, and movement skills.  Best suited for kids aged 18 mos to 3 years.   

 Dr. Jean Feldman has lots of albums under her belt—all with fun titles sure to get a giggle (“Kiss Your Brain, Going Green, and Totally Math).  An educator for over 35 years, she has a way with kids preschool through the elementary years.  Look for her products at www.drjean.org

 Silly Mom Jingles:

Even though I am a mom who can’t carry a tune a bucket, I still sing songs to my kids—badly.  After a few lousy attempts at singing lullabies, I quickly learned that my better form of song was that of a jingle.  I challenge you to think of how you can turn everyday comments or directives into a song.  Before you know it, you’re little ones just may be joining the chorus!  Here are a few examples of things I sang around the house during our daily routines:

 “Yummy to my tummy, yummy to my tummy, yum, yum yum!” 

“Go with the green light, go with the green light, go, go, go!” 

…Enjoy making music together!

8 thoughts on “Apraxia Monday: Music CDs designed with CAS in mind

  1. Thank you! Thank you! This is such a blessing of a post. I’m so grateful! I’ve been looking for a list like this for months. This is fabulous.

  2. Great list – I will have to check these out. Whenever my three year old with CAS learns a new word, I rack my brain for whatever kid song includes it – how much is that DOGGIE in the window – I’m bringing home a baby bumbleBEE – and so on. Then she gets to sing her word!

  3. This is just what I’ve been looking for for my 3 year old with CAS. I’ve long noticed that he responds well to singing, as long as the words are simple and the tempo is slower. Thanks for sharing! I’m off to make some purchases!

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