In My Brain Today: Purge-a-holic

This seems to be a theme: me and purging.  I know I have blogged about this before.  I am probably boring you by showing a “repeat blog,” but well…that’s what’s in my brain today. 

Purging, for me comes in cycles, much like my new dishwasher—which runs on wonderful cycles of “rinse,” “sanitize,” all the way to “Turbo scrub.”  It’s fantabulous, the dishwasher, that is and the idea that most things in life are presented in cycles.  The seasons, of course being the first “cyle” that comes to mind. 

So, I am in a season of purging again.  The dishwasher started it all.  I am now mentally suggesting that my whole house needs to be emptied and cleaned and purged and dumped.  Turbo Scrub. 

I am beginning with bill payment stubs that have been littering my filing cabinet since 2008.  Embarrassing!  I am re-doing all of my income tax stuff, slipping them into neat little sheet protectors and snapping those into 1/2-inch binders.  Exciting and enthralling?  Uh…Not in the least. 

You see, I have to pave the way for my next creative pursuit.  I cannot be as efficient in my creativity if I am surrounded by piles of junk.  Even if those piles are organized and labled.  Even if those piles are research for my creativity.  Nope.  I need a clean canvas.  

So, I am purging and steaming (dishes and floors), and gathering junk that can be deposited in a large plastic bag and hauled to GoodWill.  Because this stuff is blocking my chi…

And that is what is in my brain today, Thursday March 3rd 2011. 

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