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Write On, Wednesday: Ideas

Folks often ask me, “Where do you get all of your blog ideas?”  Well, that’s a good question!  And one I have happy to answer.  The simple answer is, “life.”  I know, bear with me here. 

To be a writer, one must have ideas, to have ideas one must be engaged in the world around them.  And then they need to take the time to jot it all down. 

Wait!  Aren’t writers severe recluses?  Introverted?  Agoraphobic?  Don’t they just hole up in the attic and type all day and send it out the tiny window hoping it will get picked up by someone who will take it to a publisher?  Uh…no.

The good writers are busy.  Busy with life.  Living it, thinking about it, and observing others living it.  They are experiencing new things, reading books, and seeking outlets to satisfy all of their curiousities.  Well, most of them, anyway. (Those curiosities  that aren’t socially appropriate are left to the imagination). 

So, I get my ideas from life. 

  • If I have a question or concern about something, I look it up.  I think about it, I ask around…that makes for a great blog entry.
  • When I see something I want to attend like Riverdance, or the Children’s Literacy Breakfast, or a book signing, I sign up and go.  Another blog is born.
  • When I stumble upon a neat craft idea or an organizational trick, I take a photo and stick it right here for you to benefit from or get some motivation to do on your own.
  • When my kids do something that baffles me, or worries me, or makes me laugh, I think of some way to tie it together with something “bigger” so that others can relate.
  • I spend a little bit of each month looking ahead at some of the upcoming holidays or special events and try to plan some blog posts around that…maybe this month we’ll discuss the myth of lepercans or the potato famine, and just why does Chicago dye the river green?  Is that environmentally friendly? 
  • Sometimes I will read something that strikes me, I’ll make note or it or rip it from the magazine so I can develop a blog around it later.
  • Other times, I might hear a discussion on NPR or another radio station and be inspired to write about that, too. 

You see, things to write about are everywhere.  Sure, it takes a little time and maybe a unique spin but it’s a way for me to make a deeper connection with the world.  Perhaps it has even helped your connection, too?

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