Apraxia Monday: Interview with Kate Welder of “Apraxia Speaks”

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Welcome to another exciting edition of “Apraxia Monday!”  I am excited to present Kate Welder of North Dakota, whose daughter Josie (now 9 years old and speaking normally) was diagnosed with CAS a little one.  Ms. Welder has committed her self to learning more about CAS through developing a website and writing an e-book on the topic, “Apraxia Explained.”  In fact, she has graciously agreed to give away a copy of that book to a luck Leslie4Kids blog reader!! 


L4K: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us on “Apraxia Monday,” Kate. I admire your proactive approach to apraxia, but it wasn’t always that way, was it? Can you tell us a little about the “early days” of your daughter’s diagnosis?

I live in a small community in rural North Dakota, when she was 1st diagnosed I had never heard of apraxia and didn’t know anyone with it. It was very isolating and I didn’t know what to do for my daughter. I was bringing her to speech therapy four times a week and we weren’t making any progress.
L4K: What would you tell a parent who is just learning about his/her child’s CAS diagnosis? How did you cope with hearing the diagnosis?

I would tell them to learn as much as they can about apraxia and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your child doesn’t have a voice, you need to be proactive and advocate for them. At first I was in denial and just assumed she would “grow out of it”, when
that didn’t happen learning about apraxia and seeking out different doctors and therapists for her and support for myself helped.

L4K: What do you believe really helped Josie make strides in her speech? How old was she when she had a “burst” of words?

At age 3 my daughter only said about 30 partial words which other than her family most people couldn’t understand. From age 3 to 4 we worked very hard a home, in addition to speech therapy and finally at age 4 her speech was better. I would say it was a combination of supplements, diet, exercise and specialized therapies that made a huge difference in her life.

L4K: Is there anything you would have done differently as a parent raising a child with apraxia?

I would have not worried so much and I would have reached out to other parents earlier.

L4K: Can you tell us about your efforts with your website, “Apraxiaspeaks.com?” When did you conceive the idea?

I didn’t know anyone with a child with apraxia, I wanted to reach out to other parents to connect and bond, which is why I started an online support group. I have met so many wonderful parents and healing professionals along
our apraxic journey. Little did I know when I was helping others, I was really helping myself.

L4K:  Finally, we need to know a little about your e-book, “Apraxia Explained.” What prompted you to write it? How can we obtain a copy?

I found that many people had the same questions. A friend of mine really encouraged me to write a book to share with other parents going through the same thing I did to encourage them and let people know how I helped my daughter to recover faster.

It is available for instant download at http://www.apraxiaspeaks.com  

But wait!!  What if you want to be the winner of a FREE copy?!  All you have to do is respond to me via email leslie_lindsay@hotmail.com or on the comment section of today’s  blog and let me know what you did to connect with others to learn more about apraxia.  That’s it. 

The 3rd comment to come through gets the e-book sent to them from Ms. Welder!!  Good luck : )  Contest winner will be announced on tomorrow’s blog.  Ends tomorrow, 3.22.11 at 2pm CST.

  • Remember, “Small Talk: All About Apraxia” is coming up:  April 5th is our first meeting.   We are meeting at Panera Bread in Naperville, IL from 7-9pm.  The group is FREE and runs for 5 consecutive Tuesday evenings.  Want to join us?  You need to reserve your spot by emailing leslie_lindsay@hotmail.com Hope to see you there! 

4 thoughts on “Apraxia Monday: Interview with Kate Welder of “Apraxia Speaks”

  1. After it set in that our little one had apraxia I signed up for the CASANA conference here in Illinois. I also reached out to the Windy City Group, found your blog and tried reading as much as I could through books and websites. I’m still learning daily and hope I’m making a difference in his life.

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