Apraxia Monday
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Apraxia Monday on Tuesday: Connecting with Others

Great turn-out with yesterday’s post featuring interview with Kate Welder of “Apraxia Speaks.” I am happy to announce the winner of the book give-a-way contest is Kristi H. of Wisconsin!!  She was the 3rd person to send me a comment about how she connected with others who have a child with CAS.  Here’s what she has to say:

“First of all, it took FOREVER to get the “official” speech apaxia diagnosis for our daughter.  Once we finally did, I found out about the Apraxia-Kids website from her speech therapist.  I signed on to the list-serve right away.  I have spoken with all of her doctors and therapists letting them know of my desire to connect with other apraxia families.  I read the posts from the list-serve every day & am still hopeful that we will find a support group in our area.  I also purchased the book “My Brother is Very Special” by Amy May and brought it to my daughter’s class at school.   I am always looking for more information on Apraxia to help myself and others in our lives understand it better.  I can’t wait to read “Apraxia Explained” !!!”

Others responded as well.  Here are a few of their comments about how they connected with others after learning of their child’s CAS diagnosis:

“After it set in that our little one had apraxia I signed up for the CASANA conference here in Illinois. I also reached out to the Windy City Group, found your blog and tried reading as much as I could through books and websites. I’m still learning daily and hope I’m making a difference in his life.”  —Barbara M. 

“I loved your questions.  I can’t imagine how isolating it would feel to have been in her place which is far more isloated than where I live!  I have to say the way I started to connect with others is online.  Your blog was one of the first I found.  From there, I figured out other ways to search out and have since found a support group that may be starting in my area in addition to a couple other blogs.  It helps me to read what others say about parenting and having a child with CAS because it lets me know I’m not alone.”  ———-Chris F. 

Thanks to all of you “apraxia parents” out there who care so much about your little ones…and thank you for being  loyal blog readers.  Stay tuned…

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