Cute & Simple (Friday)
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Cute & Simple: Rainy days and Hallmark always make me feel good

I’m not sure if there is anything cute and simple about this cold, dreary, rainy April Fool’s Day.  Unless for you, rainy days are simple days.  They used to be for me.  I used to love a random rainy day so I could feel less guilty about doing my “lazy things.”  A cold rainy day just seems to call, “hot cocoa/tea, a book, and a nap.”  Yes.  Simple. 

But not for me.  Not today.  After the normal busy morning running around town getting things done, I was ready for a break.  I love breaks.  It’s just I don’t take them very often.  But I digress. 

Kelly and I hopped into the Hallmark store earlier today and I have to say I was utterly amazed at how sweet and thoughtful she was while we shopped.  Aside from the fact that Hallmark is really not the place to bring your 4-year old, she was relatively well-behaved.  We were there looking for a birthday card for Nana.  Kelly wanted to pick it out.  So, after perusing the cards suitable for Nana, I gave her a selection and she chose the one we’d send to St. Louis. 

And then she reminded me that Kate’s birthday is also this month (gotta love a girl who plans ahead).  “I want to pick out a card for my sister,” she mentioned in her sing-song-y voice.  We meanandered over to the “kids birthday section,” and Kelly found a card she loved for her big sister.  My heart swelled with pride and admiration.  What a sweet, selfless, sisterly thing to do! 

I didn’t really have the heart to tell her that a card should express the sentiment you intend for the other person and should also depict a scene or event, or colors, or whatever also representing that person, but that lesson may come at another time.  For now, I can just be proud that Kelly was thinking of her sister while we were in the Hallmark store.  I am sure Mr. Hallmark would be proud! 

Full disclosure: If Iwas really being “cute & simple” today, I would have orchestrated a full-blown craft session in effort to create a truely outstanding birthday card for both Kate and Nana.  Sorry guys, I guess I took the easy way out today.  Have faith, I will return next week with something more crafty : )

Until then, happy weekend and happy crafting! 

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