Apraxia Monday
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Apraxia Monday: SCAMPer into Summer

Last evening, I was sprawled out on the couch, catalogs and fliers surrounding me, pen in hand.  I was working through the awful task of figuring out how my darling daughters would spend their summer “vacation.”  I wish it weren’t so.  I wish I could say, “Oh, summer.  I loooove summer.  My girls are home all day and we just eat popcicles and jump through the sprinkler.  Life is goood!” 

But in reality, I hate summer.   It makes me want to claw my eyeballs out.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love my kids.  A lot.  Perhaps it is because of this intense love that I make such a big deal out of how they spend their summer (think: enrichment). I know I am a better mom when there is some sense of structure—and no, chasing the ice cream man for 3 blocks does not count as “structure” in my book, nor does planning every last minute of their day so I never hear, “Moooommm, I’m bored.”  Therefore, I rely on a wonderful day camp prorgam to help me get through the three months we call summer “vacation.” 

So, how does this all relate to CAS?  Ah ha!  I will tell you.  A wonderful SLP I have connected with over the course of my apraxia journey has told me all about her camp for kids with apraxia–SCAMP!  It’s in Ballwin, MO–a suburb of St. Louis.  Rhonda Banford, CCC-SLP and preschool special education teacher has designed a program that was originally used in the Rockwood school district.  She is now in private practice and has continued to conduct her camp at her facility in Ballwin, MO “Tip of the Tongue Speech and Language.” 

  • SCAMP=Summer Classes for Articulation and Motor Speech Progress
  • It’s designed for kids ages 3-7yrs who need help becoming more intelligible
  • M/W/F from 9-12 noon
  • 6 weeks for a total of 54 hours of therapy in all!
  • Taught by a certified SLP and former early childhood special education teacher, Rhonda Banford
  • Fun activities with evidence-based techiniques to help your little one become a better communicator
  • Small group, whole group, and individual work

Want more information?  Contact Ms. Banford at www.gotospeech.com or email rjb.slp@charter.net or phone 636-220-8200.  Class space is limited.  Check it out today!

More Apraxia News:

  • Tuesday, April 5th begins the first of the 5-week session, “Small Talk: All About Apraxia.”  We’re meeting at the S. Naperville Panera Bread from 7-9pm.  This is a FREE event, but please email leslie_lindsay@hotmail.com to reserve your spot.  Suburban Pediatric Therapies will be “sponsoring” this first meeting by picking up the tab on our treats and drinks.  Thank you!
  • Friday, April 15th Windy City Apraxia Network hosts Dee Fish, SLP at their monthly meeting.  Dee has written the book, “Here’s How to Treat Childhood Apraxia of Speech” which was publiushed in October 2010.  See blog archives for an interview with Dee.
  • Sunday, May 1, 2011 Silent Stars (Chicagoland) hosts it’s second-annual bowl-a-thon for CAS.  See their website at http://www.silentstar.org/events.html for more information. 
  • CASANA has announced it’s Chicagoland walk for CAS at Ty Warner park for October 15th.  Mark your calendars! 

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