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Write on, Wednesday! Streets become Characters

I made birthday invitations for my daughter’s birthday.  I decided to do this awhile back, before learning of my publishing contract.  I was feeling crafty and motivated.  It’s a good thing I started early because I have really gotten bogged down since I came up with that wonderful idea (sarcasm, of course).  I knew the invites were large and sort of bulky, but totally cute.   I hoped the teacher would be able to pop ’em in the kids’ backpacks while they were off at P.E. or something.  Not so much.  Invitations cannot be passed out at school unless the entire class is invited. 

So, I had to hand-deliver them.  Which isn’t really that big of a deal–but there was a lot of them.  And I don’t have a lot of time.  So, I mapquested and plugged addresses into my phone and set off–while a babysitter stayed home with my darling daughters. 

As I was cruising about in my minivan, locating streets, and lanes, and drives, and terraces I wasn’t entirely familiar with, it dawned on me that many of these homes are located on streets that could be the names of characters in a book.  Bear with me.

One such street, Tiffany Drive.  Next up:  Darfler Court.   Down the road–Grayhawk Drive. 

Tiffany Darfler was the girl everyone loved to hate.  She came to school in clothes too worn for Good Will and those hideous plastic shoes.  She was chubby and awkward, no beauty queen.  Years later, she returns to her hometown of Grayhawk  to find the boy she had once had a crush on–now a divorced man of 34–is living at home with his ailing mother.  But Tiffany Darfler has changed, too.  Having gone to school to become a fashion photographer and living in NYC for several years, she’s back teaching photography at her former high school.  Tiffany has ghosts of her own to revisit as she navigates the new social climate of teenage love, angst, body image, and professionalism.” 

Ashton Court, Brook Road, and Oakfield Drive.  Okay, I admit.  These streets weren’t really en route to deliver invites.   But I pass by them nearly everyday. 

Ashton Brooks may have been good-looking and rich.  He may have attended the preppiest Prep school in Oakfield, but nothing compares to what Ashton Brooks finds when he loses a bet and must travel  to Africa on a mission trip.  It’s ‘Tarzan’ meets ‘The Great Gatsby’ in this page-turning poor little rich boy tale.” 

And one more….

Sunshine Circle, Willington Way, and Gardner Circle.  

“Everyone calls her “Sunshine,” short of Sharon Rose (her mother was bequethed with a bouquet of Rose of Sharon when she was born).  But things start to change for the Willington native when she announces her pregnancy at the age of 14.  William Gardner, a friend of Sunshine’s father is willing to ‘help her out’ if she agrees to the unthinkable.  This story explores the feelings of abondonment verses entrapment, of growing up too soon.” 

Okay!  I am off to a writing conference at the University of Madison-Wisconsin this weekend.  I will not be blogging Thurday or Friday this week.  I shall return on Monday, April 11th.  Follow along as we discuss Small Talk: All About Apraxia topics now through May 3rd (only on Mondays).

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