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A Little Literacy, Please: Color Me Green

I hopped into the bookstore today.  I am on the prowl for a book to present my daughter for her 6th birthday.  It’s sort of become a tradition.  It all started with “Fancy Nancy” when she turned one.  I knew she couldn’t read the book, of course and I was equally concerned that she would rip and dine on the pages.  But I purchased it anyway.  “Fancy Nancy” has come to be one of our favorite literary characters.  For awhile, Jane O’Connor (author of the FN series), had a new book out every spring just in time for my daughter’s birthday.  Not so the case this year. 

This, I might add, was my second trip to a bookstore in search of just the perfect book for my little spring-let.  A girl whose birthday falls close to Earth Day and also enjoys all things of the great outdoors, I was determined to find a title to go along with that theme.  Or, perhaps I should stick with the party theme this year–painting. 

Alas I found it–Marc Brown, creator of the “Arthur” series has a new book out–“Arthur Turns Green.”  Hummm…is she too old for Arthur?  I picked up the book, smoothed the title and cracked open the cover.  Maybe.  Oh, wait–Marc Brown will be in Naperville to meet, greet, and sign books?  Hummm….on April 11th?  Okay!  I decided it would be a mother-daughter pre-birthday outing.  We’d have Marc Brown sign the book, I’d snap a photo of the event and adhere it to the inside of the book.  Done.  A memory, a keepsake, and it represents my daughter’s interests.  And it’s all about literacy.  What more could a 6-year old want?

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