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In My Brain Today: Cheetos

I grew up eating the crunchy, cheesy, yumminess in a small bag produced by junk food maven, Frito-Lay.  So, when my tummy was rumbling at the check-out lane at Target late this morning and my 4-year old looked at me with her big blue eyes, I couldn’t resist. 

The bag was opened before we left the parking lot.  Okay, who am I kidding….it was opened while we were still in the store.  My daughter was happily sitting in the backseat munching away and licking her fingers.  When she smiled through her comment, “These are so good mom.  We haven’t had them in forever,” I could see that her teeth splattered with slimy chunks of orange…uh…cheese. 

“Look at my tongue!” She proudly wagged her tongue for me to take notice.  “Umm…humm.”   was the only response I could muster up. 

What are these things?!  Pure junk–that’s what!  I rolled my eyes and wondered what had become of me.  Just then my stomach grumbled again.  “Uh, can mommy have bite?” 

“Sure, momma!”  She smiled another cheesy smile and offered me a Cheeto.  One.  I popped it into my mouth and with a satisfying crunch went, “Ahhh.”  The taste of my childhood was alive and well. 

I asked for another and then another as we drove home.  “Yum!  These are good!”  I told her. 

“We should buy them more often,” she informed me. 

And that’s when it had to end.  I told her that while I do enjoy a good piece of junk food now and then, it’s really not healthy.  At all.  I explained that everything is good in moderation, not too much and not too little.  She seemed to understand that.  Or so I thought. 

“Can I have more, mom?” 


“Why not?” 

“Because they aren’t really healthy and we just ate more than we should have.” 


But I promised that perhaps I will put the remainder in her preschool lunch tomorrow and that she seemed to appeased her. 

That is, if there are any left…now where did I put that bag of Cheetos??!

And that is what is in my brain today, Thursday April 28th.

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