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Cute & Simple: A Painted Party

We had a fantab-ulous time at Color Me Mine in Naperville, IL for my daughter’s 6th birthday.  Here are some photos of the shin-dig, along with some crafty ideas you can re-create for your own child’s party. 

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My daughter and I especially had fun with the pencil-crazy-band favor she handed out to her classmates at school.  Most schools these days have a “no food” policy in place.  What’s a parent to do?  I typed up a quick little ditty on the computer–adding fun fonts and text color, adhered them to cardstock, securing to the pencil with a crazy band.  Done!  She’s already looking at pencil designs for next year’s pencil favor. 

Other ideas:

  • Make a bookmark out of cardstock, stickers, and markers (you can also purchase pre-cut bookmarks for less than $3 for a pack of 12+). 
  • Tiny containers of Play-Doh with a label indicating the birthday child’s name and age
  • Gel-clings appropriate for the season–look at the dollar store or dollar section of Target for small, individually-wrapped packages, or cut large sheets of them and place in your own small bag for each child.
  • Erasers/Crazers…often 4 come in a $1 pack.  How can you beat a $.25 treat?  Look for them at Micheals.
  • Have your child collect and decorate small rocks for each child.  Add googly eyes and glitter, if you want.  Pop ’em in a cello bag and tie with a ribbon.  Pet rock, anyone?!
  • Small notebooks.   Make a “to-do” list on the first page…”Celebrate ___’s birthday!”  with a little checkmark placed by their name. 
  • Stickers…Cut large sheets of stickers into smaller sizes, add a note: I’m stuck on you…Happy Birthday to ____!”

Really, the possibilities are endless (want me to keep going?! ) Have fun, plan ahead a week or two and involve your child. 

Until then, happy weekend and happy crafting!

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