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In My Brain Today: Lots of Randomness

You know how some days just seem to “flow?”  They have a sort of theme, if you will…”Today we’re doing this, this, and that…”  and the kids usually cooperate (or respond well to bribes).  Well, today has been one of those “non-flowing” days.  In fact, there is a lot of randomness going on–and I can’t even attribute it to a full moon. 

I slept well, but when I woke for the day, I noticed a foul odor wafting from the girls’ bathroom.  It was like a combination between spoiled milk and rotten meat.  (We’re vegetarian–so no meat here).  I sniffed and sniffed (tapping into by hound-side), opened cabinets and peered into the shower, lifting the lid to the toilet and could find no source of the stench. 

Breakfast came and went–after several calls up the stairs to the girls, “YOUR BREAKFAST IS ON THE TABLE!!”  Kid #1 hopped on the bus and Kid #2 hopped in the couch ready for early morning cartoons. 

The handyman came and I was late for cardio fat-blaster, but snuck in anyway.  Probably not such a bad thing as it was blazing  hot in the fitness center today. 

The Carter’s store had nothing that was really my forte–yet I ended up spending more time and effort trying to find something for my 4-year old to wear this summer.  Being Kid #2, she gets a lot of hand-me-downs.  That’s fine–she doesn’t really know any better–and besides she thinks it sort of cool to wear something she once saw on her older sister.  As a mom, I find hand-me-downs way more complicated than they should be.

Let me explain:  First, I have to find the time to sort through all of Kid #1’s clothing.  Too stained?  Too ugly?  Too cheap-looking/falling apart?  Will this size fit Kid #2 at the “right” time of year/season?  And finally, I need a place to store it all.  Of course, things need to be adequately marked with size and season….and then I need to remember what I have stowed away!  Ugh!  It’s waaay more complicated that it should be. 

Today, I slid open the plastic drawer marked, “Summer 4T” and found lots of mis-matched things.  I have a cute shirt with a birdie but no shorts to match.  I have a darling skirt with wild flowers, but no shirt in sight.  I have plenty of PJs for “summer 4t,” geez….did Kid #1 just live in PJs when she was 4-years old?!  Did she run around shirtless, yet a cute skirt wrapped around her waist?  I don’t know…it baffles me.

I could tell you that I ate McDonalds with my 4-year old who was thrilled to get a Zooble, but I wasn’t thrilled with the junk we consumed.  I could tell you that my office is still a mess and my kids are still not enrolled for summer day camp, I could tell you that I am super-excited to have a mom’s night out tonight to see “Something Borrowed.”  I could tell you that I am actually wearing real clothes right now and I should do it more often–it makes me feel a little less random. 

And that is what is in my brain today, Thursday May 12 2011. 

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